The BEST Tacos

So, one of my very best friends makes some killer tacos.  Because she refuses to give me the recipe, I had to do my best to make up a recipe on my own.  Although it is different, it is still killer!!!  My whole family dug right into it and left very little left over.  WARNING….this recipe makes a TON on food, I have two quart size bags of meat in my freezer just waiting to be eaten!!

1- 3 lb pork roast

1-3 lb beef roast

1 jar Fruit Salsa – I used Tastefully Simple Peppy Papaya Salsa

1 jar Pepper Jelly

Corn tortillas & oil for frying

Sour Cream & Hot Sauce & cheese

Tomatoes & Guac.

Green onions & Olives & Refried or Black beans

**Cook roasts individually in crock pots until fall apart stage.  Shred meat, add jelly and salsa.  Reheat meat, heat beans.  Fry tortillas into taco form.  Add desired contents to your taco shell, eat and enjoy.


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